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Presenting, "How To Start A Truck Dispatcher Business From Home" And Make Up To A 6 Figure Income.

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Perks to this course.

  • Be Your Own Boss

  • Create Your Own Income

  • Set Your own Hours

  • Flexible course training hours

We helped build these dispatching companies:

Net 1 Dispatch would love to share our experience, with anyone who is interested in listening First and foremost Net 1 would not exist or be successful, had we not found Pamela at Caps Dispatching She gave us the information and tools, and resources we needed to succeed, She also walked us through Our first Transaction with our first Trucking company which owned 3 trucks.and kept us busy from the beginning, She has always gone above and beyond, She is 2nd to no one, she gave us 200 % so we could be extremely fruitful.. Thank you Pam.

- Arthur, and Stephanie C.

I am so glad I came across CAPS for dispatch training. I spoke with a few but, when I had a conversation with Pam Russell, I was convinced she would be thorough and committed. I was not mistaken. Her years in the business is very obvious in the level of knowledge she shares. Her explaining the mechanics of the industry, the drivers, and my role as a dispatcher has put me on the right path. Her support and encouragement has been invaluable to me. Since completing her training, I have focused on marketing, developing processes that will allow me to be proficient in dispatching, as well as, provide excellent customer service. I am learning every day how to be better. My drivers have experience an increase in their income and admit that its because I am keeping them on the road. Its not easy and she emphasize you have to do the work, but, if you do, the drivers will come and bring others. I have already started to experience some success and I have been fortunate to have acquired drivers and gradually replacing the income I am making in another area. I anticipate within a month, I will be a full time truck dispatcher. Thank you so much Pam. I do appreciate you sincerely.

- Angela S.

I was trained by Cap Dispatch Service in November 2010. I have learn a great deal from using this company to start my dispatch Services. It has been seven and half years and my personal dispatch company is still going strong from the training of Cap Dispatching Service. I also have expand my services by adding on other people and tools to increase profit. My ex-husband came on board using his Motor carrier authority, and, we have added several drivers under his company that I also dispatch full time for. I personally developed my own training Manuel to add more dispatcher to my company and help others start their own dispatch business. I currently work with several drivers across the US dispatching daily. I can honestly say I have financially profit more in my dispatch business than any nine to five I have ever had. Thank you Cap Dispatching Service for changing my financial course of life. Your training has been a great blessing to me and my family.

- Lesa H.

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Awesome! and it was very explained I started off with a bang. Took what she taught me and I was blessed had a stroke and had to leave my job and went step by step and still going strong and still have some of my trucks when I started. She was so patient with me. I asked a lot of questions and she answered everyone of them. If she trained on anything else in the trucking agency yes I would do it again in a heartbeat. Best mentor that I have come across and I do recommend her to everyone. I still talk about her and I've been in it for 5 Years.

- Nicole K.

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