What is a Truck Agent or a (Truck Dispatcher)?

Truck Agent or a Truck Dispatcher is one who is contracted by a Trucking Company (Carrier) to find freight for their trucks and to dispatch their trucks from point A to B. Truck agents are not Freight Brokers or Freight Agents. Freight Brokers are the go to person between a Shipper and a Trucking Company and the Freight Agent works directly under the authority of a Freight Broker.

How much money can a Truck Agent make?

Although a guarantee of income can never be made for any business, the potential income to be made in this business will vary with each individual person and will be solely based on one’s personal work efforts, marketing efforts, motivation and desire to strive for and achieve success. You are the only one that can guarantee the income and the success you will have in your business.

Can I work this business on a partime basis?

The business of a Truck Agent typically will require a Fulltime schedule; although it can be run on a partime basis, the schedule that your business will require will depend on how many trucking companies you are servicing, that will play a major factor in how many hours you will have to devote to your business.

Is prior experience or knowledge of the trucking industry required to start my own Truck Agent business?

No, there is no prior experience or knowledge necessary to start a Truck Agent business. You will be thoroughly trained on every aspect of how to successfully setup and launch your business.

Can I work this business from my home or a small office?

Yes, this business can be worked from the comfort of your home or a small office if that will better suit your business needs.

Does a Truck Agent business require any special licenses?

No, a Truck Agent Business does not require any special licenses.

How is the training conducted?

Training is conducted One on One, Live Via Teleconference (via telephone). This make s for a much more personable and thorough training.